Open postdoctoral positions in the Isom Lab!

We are searching for postdoctoral fellows to work on our NIH-funded projects to understand neuro-cardiac mechanisms of developmental and epileptic encephalopathy with SUDEP.  Successful applicants must have expertise in electrophysiological analysis of mouse cardiac myocytes, primary neurons, or brain slices and/or with human iPSC-derived neurons, brain organoids, or cardiac myocytes.  Interested applicants: Please send a cover letter, CV, and names of three references to Dr. Isom at

Sodium channel β1 subunits participate in regulated intramembrane proteolysis-excitation coupling

Check out Dr. Bouza’s article describing a novel role for sodium channel β1 subunits in transcriptional regulation here.

Dancing to a different tune: TANGO gives hope for Dravet syndrome

“Dancing to a different tune: TANGO gives hope for Dravet syndrome.”  Check out this blog post here.

Mask up, sleeve up, Go Blue!